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CWA is a Czech business cluster focused on water management. The partner for your projects regardless of size.

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We live in an era where water care and its utilization is a genuine global issue.

CWA is a community of companies with long-standing experience, having earned global recognition as technological leaders in their fields.

Thanks to synergistic collaboration, we bring innovative solutions to complex issues that would be unachievable for individual companies alone.

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Our mission

At Czech Water Alliance (CWA), we are committed to fostering the global visibility and advancement of Czech water management solutions. Established in 2004 as an initiative of CzechTrade's Project Alliance, our mission is threefold:

  1. Promote Czech Expertise: We strive to showcase the innovative products and technologies developed by Czech companies to an international audience. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Czech innovation and global market demands
  2. Enhance Export Performance: Boosting our members' competitiveness and market access, with a focus on collaborative success in exports.
  3. Support Sustainable Development: Committing to eco-friendly water solutions that contribute to global sustainability and environmental health.
Our mission
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The uniqueness of CWA lies in the ability to create and manage multidisciplinary teams utilizing our own, proven technologies and methodologies within a unified project management framework.

One partner for sewage management, urban planning integration, environmental monitoring and beyond.


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“CWA is one of the oldest business alliances in the Czech Republic. However, it was not founded primarily for the purpose of trade but rather for the exploitation of professional synergy - and in this regard, it proudly continues.”

Michael Janecek
Czech Water Alliance