Czech Water Alliance (CWA) was based in 2004. CWA was one of the export alliances founded by CzechTrade.

The aim of the alliance is to develop and promote the Czech companies, their products and technologies to foreign customers. CWA seeks to improve the position of Czech firms in the export of services and technologies in water management.

Czech Water Alliance continuously cooperates with more than 300 companies on the Czech market and currently associates a prestigious portfolio of companies specializing in capital construction, design and construction plans for water supply projects, hydroelectric power plants, dams and dikes, rehabilitation of water sources, analyzing and cleaning all kinds of water, construction and reconstruction of technical networks and local government area, geology and hydrogeology, waste technologies and software have an impact on the environment.

Basic export strategy is to increase the export share of services and technology companies joined together in an alliance. It is also the provision of services to potential foreign clients and support services for Czech exporters, on effective use of European funds to support companies in the water sector. The export strategy is in accordance with the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic for the period 2014-2020.

To each of our members, we continuously offer current inquiries and reports from the field of public procurement. We organize foreign trade missions, conferences, exhibitions and seminars. We also cooperate in the use of grant programs and EU funds.

We consult and implement activities in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CzechTrade and other state institutions.

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